You might not spend all day worrying where your new customers will come from... but we do!

Coffee News was designed to help local businesses get MORE CUSTOMERS. There are SPECIFIC techniques employed by Coffee News to ensure your advertising message reaches thousands of people every week - in your community. These principles are built-in to every aspect of Coffee News from the content to the layout to the distribution. Through research and experience, we know what works. Coffee News was designed with this knowledge and expertise in mind, and we have the track record to prove it. Coffee News is affordable enough to run your ad every week, month after month, so your business develops a strong, well-known brand in your community. When you choose to advertise in Coffee News you get more than just space in our publication. You get over 17 years of marketing and advertising research and experience from all over the world. You get a team of marketing experts with one goal in mind… to help you develop an effective marketing message and deliver your message to potential customers who live, work and spend money in the communities that are MOST IMPORTANT to your business. Getting your message to as many of the right people as possible is the heart of what we do on a daily basis.

Interested? It’s easy to find out more. Contact us and we’ll provide you with whatever information you need to evaluate how Coffee News might help your business or organization.


There Are Many BENEFITS To Advertising With Coffee News:

  • Ads are less expensive than other print media. Even small businesses can afford to advertise regularly. Repetition and consistency brings results!
  • All ads are exclusive, which means no other company in your industry or profession can advertise while your ad is running. YOU KEEP YOUR COMPETITION OUT!
  • Yours ad content can be changed weekly by a phone call, email or fax. This will keep your ad fresh and keep readers tuned in for more!
  • Your ad works for you three meals a day - seven days a week ensuring your ad is highly visible in your community.
  • Coffee News provides the repetition that is needed to establish buyer patterns -- at a low cost!
  • Coffee News has a proven track record. Further, some advertisers remain on a waiting list for several years once they discover the kind of results that can be achieved through exposure in Coffee News.
  • The ads are rotated every week to ensure each advertiser receives equal exposure. Small ads often are obscured in other print media because the big buck advertisers can afford better placement.
  • Ads are 3" x 2" or 3” x 4” so no advertiser can overpower another by buying a much larger ad.
  • Advertising in Coffee News is complementary to other marketing and advertising strategies. Your radio or television commercial is replayed in the readers mind reinforcing your advertising message and improving results.
  • Seasonal ad changes are included in the cost of your ad. You can change your ad content weekly if so desired!
  • Coffee shops and restaurants love receiving Coffee News! They can offer their customers a high quality, appealing and enjoyable publication which entertains them while they’re waiting.
  • Advertising in Coffee News really works!
April 23, 2014